At the intersection of nature and nutrition, we use Bahia's rich biodiversity to restore bodies and awaken senses. Our Vida Lab & Spa crafts treatments inspired not only by nutritional science, but by this region's folk medicine heritage and ancient healing practices of local Pataxó People.


Our hand-made, all-natural range of spa products have been developed over ten years. They are produced locally, many at our VIDA LAB on the hotel grounds, and contain native ingredients such as almescar oil, 100% virgin coconut oil, Brazil nuts, pitanga and assorted fruits, pink pepper seeds, wild palm oil, and dark cocoa grown in our own gardens.

“The Ultimate Romantic Gettaway Spa”
Vogue USA


Prized by the Pataxó people for centuries and endemic only to southern Bahia and the Amazon – almescar trees such as those growing in UXUA's gardens produce a pure, highly bioactive resin which is one of the VIDA SPA's most vital ingredients.

Known alternatively as breu branco, its restorative qualities and hypnotic musky scent give it a powerful allure.

Used in 100% organic form as our natural incense (which the Pataxó value for warding off both insects and bad spirits!), almescar resin is found in our homemade soaps and most famously in the oil for our Signature Almescar Massage.


At the heart of our rainforest garden, a restored Asian-style bungalow left over from Trancoso's hippie past houses a nutritional research laboratory. Here ingredients foraged from our four distinct surrounding biome become nutritious components of custom dishes and drinks for our restaurants, as well for our exclusive range of fresh, organic spa products.


Learning is enriching, and learning about healthy eating can be life-changing. Join us for personal lessons at the VIDA LAB including one or two hour sessions on:

UXUA Vida Exclusive - Organic Chocolate Making

Forget what you think you know about chocolate as a symbol of unhealthy indulgence, the reality is its main ingredient, cacao, is shown in studies to benefit the heart. Flavanols in cocoa beans have an antioxidant effect which reduces cell damage implicated in heart disease, and may also help lower blood pressure and improve vascular function.

Cacao actually played a huge role in the history of Bahia and still today grows naturally throughout Trancoso, including in UXUA's gardens.

In partnership with UXUA Quadrado restaurant, Vida Lab teaches how to turn organic seeds of the fruit of the cacao tree into spectacularly flavorful dark chocolate to enjoy fresh and even take home to share with friends and family. Experiment adding spices, peppers and essential oils to create a one-of-a-kind treat.


Restinga, Atlantic rainforest, mangrove and Mussununga are the biomes that surround Trancoso. They provide us ingredients used in UXUA VIDA nutritional recipes as well as spa products. Join us for a personal trek of sustainable foraging, searching for nature's riches while learning about Bahia's amazing biodiversity, among the most varied on the planet.


In Bahia most visitors aim to restore themselves through relaxation and contact with nature, but some love to get in their work-outs even on holiday. We have a complete range of resistance training machines and free weights, a treadmill, recline bike and water-rower. Personal trainer available.


Capoeira is an African-rooted dance form incorporating elements of martial arts. Originally created in Bahia, it remains key to this region's cultural identity. We are proud to share capoeira with our guests in personalised lessons taught by local masters at the VIDA SPA or UXUA PRAIA beach lounge, providing both a cultural immersion and a great all-over-body workout accompanied by live, traditional music.

100% of class fee is added to our monthly support for Trancoso’s academy Capoeira Sul da Bahia, and our guests are welcome to visit the school to join daily lessons offered free-of-charge to local youth through UXUA's support since 2006.


Classes of cross-fit, yoga, pilates, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or MMA (mixed martial arts), as well as Brazilian dances such as forró (much-loved in Trancoso) or samba are UXUA specialties taught at the VIDA SPA or UXUA PRAIA beach lounge.

“The most perfect place imaginable for several weeks of inspirational relaxation”
Taschen, Germany


Nothing is more restorative for the mind and body during a visit to southern Bahia than to exercise while immersed in our incredible nature. UXUA VIDA can arrange vigorous treks and hikes, mountain biking and horseback rides, kayaking, stand-up, kite and wind surf, as well as the popular intro-to-surfing class at a wave break just meters from UXUA PRAIA beach lounge. Outdoor sports are guided by local instructors, and casual picnics or elaborate cookouts can accompany most experiences.


Cure thyself with some aquatic therapy via a dip in UXUA’s one-of-a-kind crystal pool. The lake-like creation which appears to glow at certain hours of the day and evening is composed of 40,000 specimens of unique green aventurine quartz, a native Bahian stone held by many to possess powerful healing qualities.